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2C:39-5 Unlawful possession of weapons. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1. 5G – A Type of Directed Energy Weapon For the deeper background to 5G, read my 2017 article 5G and IoT: Total Technological Control Grid Being Rolled Out Fast. The iPhone 12 may ditch a key Qualcomm component for Apple's own. military is also already well-versed in 5G technology, having long utilised it as a non-lethal form of crowd control. Although the laboratory WuXi AppTec really exists and is located in Wuhan, 666 Gaoxin Road East Lake, its objective is described as "small molecule drug discovery and research services". Technology & Science. , Russian and Chinese defense agencies have been developing weapons that rely on the capability of this electromagnetic frequency range to induce unpleasant burning sensations on the skin as a form of crowd control. I didnt know we already had it till i saw it on my device. Nobody believes Gateshead Council’s ‘smoke screen’ denial about 5G in their street lights Jen Mills Tuesday 10 Apr 2018 6:05 pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter. org,"Banning Hidden Weapons of Mass Coercion & Depopulation. This is the first thing that you need to get because this tool gives you the ability to test the rooms and devices in your homes for wireless RF radiation levels. Chemtrails Project UK is a campaign to ban chemtrails and geoengineering. “5G will use pulsed millimeter waves to carry information. Patent Law Public Safety Trade Policy PLRTF) BREAKING NEWS: PLYMOUTH ROCK TECHNOLOGIES TO DEPLOY FIRST COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE 5G "StormBreaker is the only weapon that enables pilots to hit. The Cern Hadron Collider is a weather weapon of mass destruction amongst many other things. 2 billion by 2026, surging at a CAGR of 53. “Was the release of. Patent and Intellectual property writer, Chief Technology officer at REEVU Worldwide Ltd. The first mobile phones that support a 5G network have been available in major markets around the world since last September. "5G is a direct energy weapon, DEW, in air, period" - Mark Anthony Steele Patent CORONAVIRUS application filed July 23 2015 and granted November 20 2019 https. Get the right Software & Services for your Business World’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential. 5G uses the same frequencies as Active denial System 5G radiation weapon, according to Forbidden Knowledge TV. Officials in the US and Britain have warned that Huawei’s heavy involvement in 5G technology poses a security risk , as it could give Beijing access to. US Patent 6285878B1 - “Broadband wireless communication systems provided by commercial airlines” Military 5G Weapon, UN's Green New World Order, & Nuclear. The system has an anti-rotational quick disconnect socket (QD socket) and a recess in a housing of a firearm. RISC-V-based Rocket core mapped to ZedBoard running Linux. The energy can come in various forms: Electromagnetic radiation (typically lasers or masers). 5G is expected to create or enable entirely new industries, greatly benefiting society. 5G פולטת פי 10 יותר קרינה ותעשה שימוש בתדרים שהם “גבוהים פי 10 מאלו שנמצאים בשימוש על ידי רשתות הטכנולוגיה כיום” לפי Euronews. A discussion of the software patents from an international point of view follows in Section 5. An Analysis of Inter-annual Variability and Uncertainty of Continental Surface Heat Fluxes. SERCO used its control of the U. Is 5G based on weapon technology? After our last 5G piece, a concerned reader sent in an email suggesting that 5G was developed based on military tech that was designed to cause organ failure. Trump was the uncle of the 45th U. Market is estimated to grow at a significant CAGR of 28. Conspiracy theorists are blaming Bill Gates, 5G and more for coronavirus outbreak. 5G – A Type of Directed Energy Weapon. Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a series of Apple 5G related patent applications. New Low Price! Tom Bearden's 2002 blockbuster 977 pages—now in its Third Printing “Energy from the Vacuum - Concepts & Principles” The world's first textbook that corrects the errors in the foundations of science to validate the production of free energy from the vacuum. #CRASH, 5G Network/Psychotronic Weapons/Brainwave Entrainment/HAARP, 9/11 & False Flags, Censorship, War on Whistleblowers, Journalists, Conspiracies, Coups d'Etats and Coups Attempts, Corporatist Globalist Fascists, Exotic Weapons, Mind Control & PsyOps #Coronahoax and FunVax. With 130 inventors, it is the largest patent application in terms of inventors in the cellular industry, anywhere in the world (source: Derwent Innovation). inventor, patent writer, chief technology officer and weapons systems expert, has been highlighting the dangers of a secret 5G rollout by Gateshead Council where residents are complaining of increased illness and Cancer in the affected area. You can read that paper on pub med. And they sure make for smooth mole-whacking. 2C:39-5 Unlawful possession of weapons. Download the Report Recent developments in the information and communications technology (ICT) competition between the United States and China are likely to have caught the attention of South Korea’s Blue House. The patent was about the development of a vaccine for a specific type of avian coronavirus found in chickens. ally such as the United Kingdom could incorporate. iPhone 12 Pro killer upgrade revealed — this is Apple's secret weapon. Policy should encourage and support R&D, protect intellectual property, and ensure a level playing field in international standards and trade. 0 Update Introduces New Weapons,. Particle Physicist: “5G Is The Ultimate Directed Energy Weapon System” Beamforming? Beamforming means being able to focus beams of radiation on specific areas. As a close U. She examines the unavoidable health risks associated with 5G and questions why our government is all too eager to roll this out throwing caution to the wind. Mark Steele, a weapons system expert, patent writer, inventor, and nuclear research technology officer said that 5G technology is a killer. 1987-08-11 Publication of US4686605A publication Critical patent/US4686605A/en 2005-01-10 Anticipated expiration legal-status Critical 2006-10-13 Assigned to BAE SYSTEMS INFORMATION AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS INTEGRATION INC. x, xxxx 1 Jamming and Anti-jamming Techniques in Wireless Networks: A Survey Abstract: Because of the proliferation of wireless technologies, jamming in wireless. This, in turn, raises an even more troubling question, was the release of the Coronavirus part of a biological weapons test that was directly linked to the roll out 5G? In other words, was some unknown group wanting to test how a population weakened by 5G RF radiation would respond to a biologically engineered weapon?. so like with nuclear weapons, we barely kept those in control. " The platform contained 31 uses of the word "nuclear" including "nuclear proliferation," "nuclear weapon," and "nuclear annihilation.